BT Phonecard - PRO262 - GPT Creating The Future

Phonecard details:

Telecom: BT
Catalogue number: PRO262
Units/value: 50p
Quantity issued: 1,000
Batch number: 23/06/000636
Notched: No
Reverse printed: Yes

Phonecard description:

Commissioned by GPT, this 50p BT Phonecard depicts the GPT offices in Poole in Dorset on the reverse. While on the front the card carries the words 'GPT - Creating the future'. The card was only given to new starters at the Marconi site in Bournemouth.

In total a 1,000 cards were produced, a special presentation folder carrying the image of GPT offices which featured on the reverse of the card were also produced - as pictured below.

More information along with photos of the front and reverse of the card can be found below.

Phonecard images:

Pictured below; the front and reverse of the PRO262 BT Phonecard.

Additional comments and information:

It's been since learnt in June 2014 that a former GPT employee was tasked with destroying these cards, saying "I was tasked with destroying hundreds of these cards" on asking how many were actually destroyed she said "I cannot remember how many were destroyed as there was a few of us doing it but it must have been in the hundreds". So of the original 1,000 that were produced, far fewer than that are now in existence.

Can you offer more information about this card? If so, please contact me quoting the cards reference number 'PRO262' with further details about the card. The new details will then be added to this webpage.

Collecting telephone cards?

The BT chip Phonecard above was one of more than 550 different designed cards issued by British Telecom (BT) between 1996 and 2002.

This card along with all of the other designs have been catalogued in the World Phonecard Catalogue United Kingdom 2. Along with colour photos of all of the BT Phonecard cards, the WPC UK 2 catalogue also includes Mercurycards, Paytelco, New Worl d Payphone and other UK issued telephone cards. Buy a copy of the UK 2 World Phonecard catalogue.

Last updated: 28th January 2019

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