Lighthouse Vario 4VC 8 Pocket 5 Page Pack

Lighthouse Vario 4VC provide a crystal clear archival solution for unwrapped mint or used telephone cards, gift cards, Oyster cards and other collectible credit card sized cards.

Made from polyester Lighthouse Vario 4VC sleeves are 100% acid and chemical softener free, which will help ensure your card collection doesn't react with where it's being stored. Each page accommodates eight cards, with each pocket measuring 63mm x 97mm, you'll find that is a perfect fit for all your credit card sized collectible cards.

Founded in 1917 in Germany, Lighthouse has become a world leader in collectible accessories.

To store your Lighthouse Vario 4VC, whu not buy the offical Lighthouse Vario ring binder which also includes a slip case to help keep the enclosed pages away from light and dust.

Key Features

‣Eight pockets per page - each pocket measuring 63mm x 97mm (open side)
‣Each page measures 216mm x 280mm
‣Individual pockets are sealed three sides and open on one long side
‣Pages are punched with 9 holes to go into a box or binder
‣Made from polyester, which is completely inert and acid free
‣Each pack includes 5 pages, so in total you can store 40 cards e.g. Phonecards, gift cards, etc
‣Made in Germany

Tip: If you have sealed/wrapped BT Phonecards to store, I'd recommend Secol AS106P8 album pages below. The Secol AS106P8 pockets are better suited to BT wrapped cards, without the need to fold the packaging/wrappers in order to make them fit in each pocket.

Lighthouse Vario 4VC 8 Pocket 5 Page Pack

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Last updated: 22nd November 2022

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