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Launched in February 2013 by a private collector of telephone cards also known as a fusilatelist, this website covers all aspects of the collectible Phonecard with a focus on UK issues - BT (British Telecom), Mercurycard, New World Payphones, etc.

Rewind 20 years to 1996 and collecting telephone cards was at the time the fastest growing hobby in Great Britain. Telecoms such as British Telecom (BT) had tens of thousands of special Phonecard only payphones, alongside their coin-operated phones in towns and cities across the UK.

Similar in principal to todays Pay As You Go (PAYG) mobile phones, these cardphone only payphones (pictured right) required special credit card size pieces of plastic with preloaded credit to be inserted into the payphone to be able to make a phonecall.

When BT first launched their Phonecards in the early eighties they were all green in appearance, over the years that changed and it was possible for businesses and individuals alike to commission their own branded Phonecard. This change heralded the start of many people (myself included) to start collecting them. During their popularity as a collectors item, prices kept seemingly going up and up.

Today (20 years on) the story is very different, with the rise of the mobile phone in the late nineties and early noughties, BT pulled the plug on its BT Phonecard more than 10 years ago in 2002. With no new cards being issued most collectors have simply drifted away from the hobby and prices once commanded have now become a distant memory.

If you're new to the hobby of collecting or returning after years away, the following page entitled: "What are BT Phonecards worth today in 2024?" is very insightful and will bring you up-to-date.

Peter Harradine

Peter Harradine (pictured right) peacefully passed away on Monday 23rd March 2020. In the late 1980s Peter and Dr S.E.R Hiscocks were amongst the pioneers of the hobby in the United Kingdom to start collecting telephone cards. Peter loved traveling overseas to collector fairs, ... 'TeleCard' in the Netherlands, ITC Fairs in Europe, Veonafil In Italy, S.I.T. telephone card fair in Paris, France and Sberatel fair in Prague, Czech Republic - read Peter's obituary.

Collecting Telephone Cards

New to collecting telephone cards and want to learn more? See the collectors guide for help starting or continuing a phonecard collection.

Collecting telephone cards too? I'd like to hear from you, please do get in touch with me.

Got Phonecards to sell or giveaway to a good 'extremely appreciative' home? Find out more about the cards I collect.

Pictured above - Rettie Group / Iceburg 5units BT Phonecard from 1992.

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Pictured above - Central St. Martins College / Graphic Design 5units BT Phonecard from 1995.

Online collectors shop

Are you a collector of telephone cards? Maybe you've started collecting for the first time or are one of the early collectors of the late 1980s?

Whichever you are, you might be keen to know I've just added a very small shop to this website - selling essential items for collectors.

Included in the available lines are brand new limited copies of the last ever UK Phonecard collecting catalogues which is no longer in print. Click to visit the online shop.

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