BTV Visiting Phonecards

BT visiting telephone cards were issued internally by British Telecom as an alternative to a standard business card. Each BT visiting card issued names a specific individual within BT e.g. 'Andrew W. Hurley' with details of his or her position e.g. 'District General Manager' office address e.g. 'Severnside District Office Bristol', and contact details. Some earlier cards even include a Telex number! These Phonecards would then be handed out as an alternative to a standard business card.

Pictured above - Business card and telephone card combined together.

All cards within this section start BTV (British Telecom Visiting) followed by the cards unique catalogue reference number e.g. BTV007, for the card above.

In total some 156 different internal British Telecom business telephone cards make up the complete BTV optical phonecard section.

Telephone cards catalogued in this section were manufactured by Landis and Gyr between 1987 and 1995. To view listings for all 156 cards, along with further information, such as control number prefix and quantity produced, you will need to buy UK 1 Phonecard catalogue (pictured right).

BT Visiting Cards

A selection of the different BT Visiting Phonecards and their catalogue numbers e.g. BTV010 are shown below. To view a larger image simply click the picture of the card below.

BTV007 Andrew W. Hurley

Year: 1987

BTV010 Denys Bennett

Year: 1987

BTV018 Terry Corben

Year: 1987

BTV020 Michael Bett

Year: 1989

BTV025 Mike Lee

Year: 1989

BTV039 Anthony J. Booth

Year: 1991

BTV058 Mike Lee

Year: 1991

BTV092 Bob Warner

Year: 1994

BTV133 Jeremy Simons

Year: 1995

BT Visiting Phonecard types

Over the years and with the changing face of optical BT Phonecards, the appearance of BTV telephone cards also changed. Pictured below are all of the different types or card styles that were produced. Click the image for a larger view.

Pictured above - A used 10unit British Telecom Visiting Card this card also appears to have been signed by the operations Controller Terry Corben?

BT visiting telephone cards wanted

As a fusilatelist (telephone card collector), I'm keen to collect all of the different BT visiting business telephone cards that were commissioned for/by British Telecom Managers, Directors, Chairmans, etc throughout the years that British Telecom Phonecards were in use (1981-2003).

Maybe you were a former BT employee who had his/her own business Phonecard issued. Or maybe you were given the card by a colleague, or even by the named person on the card. Either way, I'd be very keen to hear from you. Please contact me via my contact page.

A special thank you to those who have already either sold or given me cards to add to my collection.

Last updated: 22nd November 2022

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