One Year On

Last year on February 14th 2013 (St. Valentine's Day) I first launched this website.

I'd had the idea of creating a website devoted to telephone cards (especially BT ones) in the back of my mind since I picked up my collecting again in the summer of 2012.

Having at the time searched the internet for other similar websites I found very few, and the ones that I did find, like this one from collector Geoff Anderton didn't appear to a) cover much about the actual Phonecards and b) to be updated that regularly.

Other websites which in the past helped to promote the UK's club: Telephone Card Club UK (TCCUK) again were very light on information and referred to Phonecard fair dates back in October 2011.

Any person searching for telephone cards in the UK or for UK cards wouldn't really find out very much about the cards, and therefore might draw the conclusion that collecting Phonecards in the UK is a thing of the past?!

Telling the stories of BT Phonecards

While collector numbers may not be what they once were in the peak of the mid to late nineties and early 21st century, collectors and (incredibly) dealers are still out there, mainly using eBay to buy and sell cards.

With information for UK Phonecards online (there are a whole host of printed catalogues that are available) very limited I decided to create this website.

Over the past year (and with limited time) I've so far touched on BT cards, covered New World Payphone telephone cards and recently added a page all about BT's main rival Mercurycards.

I've also written a page all about the current market and prices for BT Phonecards, which incredibly ranks number one in Google when searching "BT Phonecards" above and for their respective phonecard related pages!

I've got lots more pages planned for coming year including a guide to tell if the phonecard you have is mint or used. Plus lots more, it is just finding the time to get it all online.

Using the power of social media

As well as using this website to share information on telephone cards, I've also used social media websites to great effect as well. So far I'm using the following:

FacebookFacebook - I use this to share new Telephone Card Collector webpages as I create them, images of all sorts of cards from rare to topical, dates for telephone card fairs and more. As of February 2014, I have 106 likes.

Google+Google+ - An alternative to Facebook (see above).

PinterestPinterest - a photo sharing website, fantastic for photos/scans of phonecards. I've set up different "boards" including the following: BT Phonecards, Used Phonecard Please, Optical Cardphone Payphones, Rare BT Phonecards and Landis & Gyr Telephone Cards.

YouTubeYouTube - I currently only have one video online (see below), I do however have more videos planned for the near future.

A Special Thank you...

Finally, my knowledge, this website and my collection wouldn't be what it is without the help and support of some truly kind people over the past year.

So I'd like to say a big thank you to them - Thank you!

I'm always on the look at for new Phonecards to add to my collection and fellow collectors to chat with, so do please get in touch if you have any connection with telephone cards, no matter how small.


Last updated: 8th January 2024

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