Thank you...

Since coming back to collect BT Phonecards and other telephone cards in 2012 many, many people from around the UK, Europe and the world have helped me add cards I'm missing to my collection. This page recognises those that have helped and that I'd like to say...

A thank you to...

Penny, Kevin Glanville, Chris Fry, Martin Dean, Leon Harris, Jenny, Barrie, Ajay Nair, Gary Gatward, E Birch, Sue Crispin, Pippa Dathan, Ann Todhunter, Patricia Dann, George Lovesmith, Paul Gibbs, Julian, Pauline Woodford, Theresa Langford, Neil, Terry, Anthony Llewellyn, Joao Joaquim, Ghislaine, Steve McBride, Margaret Peachy, Wanda, Tom Lamb, Joyce McLean, Ian G, Bridget H, John Stevens, Kirrily H, Anne Hall, Phil Sokolski, Paul B, David Proctor, Eric, Sheila Mackerell, Amy Kingswell, Peter Russell, Ken Booth, Paul Lowry, Annette, Tom Walker, Wendy K, Bernard Higgins, Mrs P Dickens, Peter Gray, Andy Green, Mrs Bates, Jan Graham, Phil House, Sandra Baptist, Julie at Pound Puppy Animal Rescue, Tom Maguire, Roger Stotesbury, Robin Ollington, Mike Mars, Bernie Grant, Gillian Townsend, Hugh Wiliams, Steve (CollectorMagic), Dave Douglas, Matthew J, Dave P, Klaus S, Isabel L, Martin C, Malcolm C, Marcus, J Ingleby, Kate D, Rodger E, Angela and Christopher A, Robin O, Richard B, Wendy S, Elaine P, Richard G, Nic S, Pete M, Howard B, B Davis, P Phippard, Vicki B, Gretel H, Chris S, Helen C, John B, Julie D, S Crispin, M Blackburn, Chris, Jo Boddy, Richard H, Carroll T, M Bullen, Arnie J, N Davies, P Graham, Roberta G, David L, Mike P, Mike H, Sally HS, John M, Gill C, Marina and Stephen, Malcolm C, Nick G, Chris (ActiveGPS), Rodney M, Ian G, Susan P, Tony F, Richard R, Glenn S, Sam C, A Stewart, P Whittam, Tony A, John Pallent, Terry G, A. Longhurst, G Lloyd-Addison, M Kerridge, D Murdoch, Jonathan R, Kay C, Mike, Rita C, Paul R, D Cherryman, K B ellenger, Richard L, Dawn S, Caitlin S, B Hough, D Theodossopoulos, Jenny C, Mike M, Bruce T, Theresa P, Gordon S, Sharon R, Norman, Sam L, Tony M, Roger B, Joe, Sarah W, Nicole P, Ian G, Steve, Tom, Chris H, Paul H, Paul F, Veronica, Jenna, Stella, Kevin, Brian, Chris, Pauline, David, Christopher and Angela, Mike, David, Markus, Kirsten, Ian.

The list above was started in July 2014.

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