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BT Tourism Tender Cards

In 1993, three years before British Telecom (BT) introduced the new chip based telephone card, BT contacted various telephone card manufacturers to tender for the contract to supply and produce The New BT Phonecard (pictured right). Nine companies responded and produced samples for the tender adjudication process. This webpage features the sample cards produced by GPT with full face printing (Example F cards). In addition GPT also submitted a full set of six cards without full face printing please see Example G cards.

For further information about the BT tourism tender cards please see:

BT Tourism Tender Card Story
BT Tourism Tender Card Examples

Example F - GPT Payphone Systems - Full face, reverse of card printed

GPT's submission was complex, involving full-face printing and more conventional designs, in a variety of denominations.

Full set of six cards in gloss finish, with full-face printing: printed on the reverse on a white background; wrapped; not embedded. The reverse of the wrapper was printed on a dove grey background with instructions for use and a bar code in black. The denomination was printed in a variety of colours, as illustrated:

King Henry VIII : Wrapper has barcode 5 016351700037, and was printed £20 in yellow. There were 30 cards submitted.

Beefeater. Wrapper has barcode 016351700020, and was printed £10 in dark grey. There were 20 cards submitted.

William Shakespeare and Finn McCool Wrapper has barcode 5 016351700013 (both cards), and was printed £4 in pink. There were 50 of each card.

Scots Guard Piper and Welsh Folk Costume : Wrapper has barcode 5 016351700006 (both cards), and was printed £2 in blue. There were 50 of each card.

TTCF001 - Beefeater - £10 - gloss finish - reverse printed
TTCF002 - Finn McCool - £4 - gloss finish - reverse printed
TTCF003 - Scots Guard Piper - £2 - gloss finish - reverse printed
TTCF004 - William Shakespeare - £4 - gloss finish - reverse printed
TTCF005 - Welsh Folk Costume - £20 - gloss finish - reverse printed
TTCF006 - King Henry VIII - £20 - gloss finish - reverse printed

There were two further full face cards submitted, but with stickers attached to the card under the wrapping stating "SURFACE PRINT SAMPLE DO NOT REMOVE LABEL". These cards were King Henry VIII and William Shakespeare. In all other respects these cards were identical to the cards mentioned above. There were 40 of the King Henry VIII card, and 50 of the William Shakespeare.

TTCF007 - Beefeater - £10 - matt finish - sticker* - reverse printed
TTCF010 - William Shakespeare - £4 - matt finish - sticker - reverse printed
TTCF012 - King Henry VIII - £20 - matt finish - sticker - reverse printed

*Please note: None of the Beefeater cards were submitted to the adjudication with a sticker, it was only King Henry VIII and William Shakespeare that were submitted with the stickers.

Pictured below - TTCF007 - Beefeater - £10 - matt finish - sticker - the front and reverse of the card are shown.

Tourism Tender Cards Example G >>

Tourism Tender Cards

For further information about the BT tourism tender cards please see:

BT Tourism Tender Card Story
BT Tourism Tender Card Examples

Pictured below - A selection of tourism cards that were produced in the tender to supply The New BT Phonecard.

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